From Facebook – 05/01/2017

The Beddgelert Revival was a powerful, large scale event that lasted five years and affected most of North Wales, and a significant part of Mid-Wales. The initial breakthrough came in August of 1817, though it drew on a powerful local revival at Capel-y-Nant in the village of Nanhoron, near Pwllheli. This began in January of that year.

Beddgelert 1817

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the Beddgelert Revival.

Though largely forgotten this was a major outpouring of God’s spirit that affected large parts of North and Mid-Wales. It lasted, in a very active way, for five years.

It came at a very important time in history, in the immediate aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars and the terrible famine of 1816.

It was also the first major Welsh revival where the ordinary people had the opportunity of having a copy of the Bible in their own language – issued by the Bible Society.

We will be looking to commemorate, and celebrate, the anniversary, but will also be looking to stimulate united prayer for another great revival in the land of Wales.

It is good to remind ourselves that, what God has done before He can do again.

This website will act as:

1. A central information point for events throughout the year.

2. A source of news about what God is doing in communities across Wales.

3. A place where people, who are actively involved can encourage each other.

4. A place to share prayer requests and answers.